HISTORY: Lee Bennett Hopkins on the cinquain’s inventor

Lee Bennett Hopkins shares a research piece from 1967 about Adelaide Crapsey, poet and inventor of the cinquain. Click here to download the free PDF.

Special thanks to Paige Bentley-Flannery, librarian and poetry advocate in Bend, Oregon, for her assistance in locating this article.

3 thoughts on “HISTORY: Lee Bennett Hopkins on the cinquain’s inventor

  1. I am amazed that after four decades this article can now be read by so many more readers than it has ever had before.

    I hope this serves to clarify the many misconceptions regarding the cinquain.

    And I THANK Steven for being able to find this article.

  2. In honor of Adelaide (and Lee), here is a mirror cinquain — a cinquain followed by a reverse cinquain — from my yet-to-be-published collection, Life at the Aquarium.

    Homarus americanus
    By Steven Withrow

    And charging forth
    With jousting lance and shield,
    Like a lost knight of Atlantis,
    For fight
    And a bite of poor sea urchin,
    What strange crustacean king
    Might have dubbed you
    Sir Claw?

  3. I receive a “poem a day” from Poets.Org, so last month one of Adelaide Crapsey’s poems, “Amaze” was featured. The one I chose to teach to my 3rd graders, though, was “November Night”. The children have learned it by heart. It ends with these two beautiful lines
    The leaves, frost-crisp’d, break from the trees
    And fall.

    And now I can tell the children more about this wonderful poet! Thank you Steve for sharing this.

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