AUDIO: Kenn Nesbitt interviews Janet Wong

Kenn Nesbitt shares with us his interview with children’s author and poet Janet Wong about her writing, her books, and her current projects, including her new eBook project with Sylvia Vardell, the Poetry Tag Time series. The third book in the series, Gift Tag, is out just in time for the holidays, and is already one of the best-selling children’s poetry eBooks on Please visit to listen to the interview.

2 thoughts on “AUDIO: Kenn Nesbitt interviews Janet Wong

  1. Beware…I imagined saying only 5 minutes of extremely-clever things, but Kenn is so easy to talk to, I rambled on (not-so-cleverly) for quite a bit longer than that. I don’t listen to my own interviews, so I don’t know what made the cut, but hopefully you’ll hear me read a GIFT TAG prose piece and poem by Joan Bransfield Graham that I adore–it is really and truly the kind of story we need at Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the interesting and informative interview with Janet Wong … it would seem there is more interest in the US in children’s poetry, than here in Canada . . . I’m constantly being told that ‘Publishers dont want rhyme or verse’ . . . but I’m not about to give up either!!!!!!!


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