PACYA: A critical and historical resource for children’s poetry

One of my main goals for PACYA is to share and promote critical, historical, and craft-oriented writing, audio, and video about poetry for young people. As a first step, I have invited more than two dozen academic critics from the US, Canada, and the UK to join a “scholars circle” that will begin to create a digital archive of critical materials and take part in other collaborations with our advisory board and members.

Please visit our “Essays” section to read a range of thought-provoking essays. As the list evolves and grows, we will create a more comprehensive database of links. I welcome your ideas, recommendations, essays, reviews, interviews, and case studies (print or multimedia; published or unpublished) for consideration. These materials will serve a variety of audiences and purposes, from academic and pedagogical discourse to instructional and process-related pieces for poets.

Many thanks to Richard Flynn, Joseph Thomas, Sylvia Vardell, J. Patrick Lewis, Lee Bennett Hopkins, Angela Sorby, Michael Heyman, Kelly Hager, JonArno Lawson, Lissa Paul, and Rod McGillis for the first set of links.

Steven Withrow (stevenwithrow at gmail dot com)

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