ACTIVITY: Madness! Writing 126 New Kids’ Poems in 21 Days

Every March, millions of fans flock to college basketball’s “March Madness” championship tournament, one of the most thrilling sports events of the year. This March, Ed DeCaria at Think Kid, Think! is bringing this madness to the world of children’s poetry.

Madness! 2012 is a friendly NCAA-style tournament for children’s poets. Prompted by individually assigned words (where the words themselves are seeded 1 through 16, scaling upward from intuitive to seemingly impossible), each poet will have 36 hours to create a new-to-the-world poem using their word. Readers will then have another 36 hours to vote for their preferred poem, and the winner will advance to the next round.

Together, the tournament’s 64 participants will introduce 126 new poems to the world in just 21 days!

The tournament bracket will be unveiled on Selection Sunday: March 11, 2012. The event is already 75% full, so if you are a poet and want to enter the madness, immediately click the logo below to reserve your spot. If you wish to participate as a voter and commenter, visit Think Kid, Think! every day throughout the month of March to read the latest batch of poems and to vote for your favorites before each poll is closed.

3 thoughts on “ACTIVITY: Madness! Writing 126 New Kids’ Poems in 21 Days

  1. Thank you again for promoting the Madness! 2012 event.

    I am thrilled to be able to host such a talented group of poets (amateur and professional alike) on my website.

    There are still 6 spots open, so anyone reading this for the first time still has one last chance to join!

    The event begins March 11th, so GET READY WORLD: 126 new kids’ poems are coming your way.


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