Previewing National Poetry Month

As we head into April, National Poetry Month in the USA, I want to recognize some recent and upcoming efforts spearheaded by our PACYA members:

  • Congratulations to Ed DeCaria and all the participants in the first March Poetry Madness! The Final Four features two pairings: Susan Blackaby vs. Stephen W. Cahill; and Debbie LaCroix vs. Greg Pincus.
  • Congratulations also to Sylvia Vardell who has released a phenomenal new book, The Poetry Teacher’s Book of Lists.
  • Sylvia and her students will launch the 5Q Poet Interview Series for April: 30 Poets/30 Days starting tomorrow.
  • Greg Pincus will offer his own 30 Poets/30 Days feature, now in its fourth year.
  • Jama Rattigan shares a wealth of other links for National Poetry Month.
  • Renée LaTulippe has invited 11 poets to make videos of themselves reading one of their own poems. These will appear Mondays, Fridays, and some Wednesdays throughout April, and include written interviews with each poet.
  • Here at the Poetry at Play blog, I will feature 30 poetry books that I will carry in my memory and on my bookshelves for the rest of my life.
  • Please comment here or email stevenwithrow(at)gmail(dot)com with other exciting April features.
      • Steven Withrow, PACYA founder

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