A grassroots, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting poetry for every age group. Founded by poet Steven Withrow in 2011.
“Founding members” who have offered their support include Janet S. Wong, Douglas Florian, Jane Yolen, David L. Harrison, Laura Purdie Salas, Jeannine Atkins, Tabatha Yeatts, Sonya Sones, Ralph Fletcher, Helen Frost, Liz Korba, Lesléa Newman, Elaine Magliaro, Eileen Spinelli, Denise Doyen, Kathi Appelt, Rob Dunlavey, Peter H. Reynolds, Marilyn Singer, Leslie Bulion, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, Gregory K. Pincus, Heidi Mordhorst, Jeanne Poland, Kenn Nesbitt, Patricia Hubbell, Margarita Engle, Marilyn Nelson, Paul B. Janeczko, Kalli Dakos, Eric Ode, Georgia Heard, Bobbi Katz, Tony Mitton, Rachel Rooney, Alan Murphy, Sheree Fitch, Charles Waters, Constance Levy, Pie Corbett, and Michaela Morgan.
You may follow us on Facebook or subscribe to this blog by typing your email address in the prompt at the lower right of the main blog page. Please contact stevenwithrow@gmail.com with any questions about PACYA.

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